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Languages for Primary School Children

We offer a variety of group and private sessions for primary school aged children.


Many sessions run in local schools, before the school day, at lunchtime or after school.  Contact us to see whether we already work with your child's school or if you think that your child's school could do with offering a language club.


Other sessions run from our premises, with on-foot pick-up available from Four Lanes Schools.


Children can join one, two, three or more group sessions a week in one, two, three or more languages!  Of course, the more sessions they join, the more comfortable they will become with the language(s).


Le Goûter, French After-School Club


La Merienda, Spanish After-School Club


Deutsch Klub, German After-School Club

Chinese Club, Mandarin After-School Club

L'ora di italiano, Italian for Bilinguals


Kinder Klub, German for Bilinguals


In addtition, we also offer sessions for home education groups. 

If there is a language or type of group which isn't currently being offered, but that you would potentially be interested in, please get in touch as we may have others also interested and would be happy to look into starting to offer a new group.


A few examples of comments given spontaneously...



I would like to say how great La Merienda has been for [child’s name] and how much he has enjoyed it and learnt from it.

Parent of Spanish After-School Club, July 2011

Thank you for your kindness and conscientious teaching over the last two years.  I look forward to seeing [child’s name] advance further under your direction.

Parent of French Before-School Club, July 2009

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