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Services for Schools and Nurseries

We can come into your school or nursery and provide tailored programmes.



We currently work in several schools offering extra-curricular foreign language clubs, language lessons as part of the main curriculum and/or one-off language and cultural workshops.


The aim of our sessions is always to introduce the target language in a fun and natural way and to help pupils to build up their confidence in not only the language, but also in themselves as individuals.  Our staff have a genuine passion for and authentic understanding and knowledge of different languages and cultures.  As such, our teaching not only focuses on language, but also cultural aspects, bringing to life for example, the customs and festivals of different countries.


We understand that budgets are tight, but strongly support the view that, in this day and age, foreign language learning is an important element of the curriculum.  It does however, need to be implemented well for it be of real benefit.  Unlike many other subjects where there are right and wrong answers and programmes can be followed from a textbook, the delivery of language lessons requires specialist training.  Pronunciation and a true understanding of the grammar of the language(s) are crucial and are not something which can be learnt overnight.  


We are able to offer services in a variety of languages.  We are flexible in our approach and take great care to tailor our sessions as much as we can to the interests and abilities of the pupils and to the needs of the school as a whole.


Alternatively, if you do teach languages in-house, you may be interested in engaging us to deliver INSET day training to help teachers improve their language skills and/or to provide advice and/or ideas on language teaching techniques.  


Teachers wishing to improve their language skills, may also be interested in joining our adult classes.


Pre-school settings who are wishing to offer something extra may consider engaging us to come in and deliver weekly sessions or workshops to celebrate special festivals.  We use puppets, books, music, dance and movement, keeping the children active whilst  they absorb the language in a natural and fun way.  

Parents are always very impressed when their children come home saying words and singing songs in another language, so wait no longer and get in touch with us to discuss options!

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